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Our mission is to inspire, inform and support young women through story sharing, academic and professional upskilling and holistic support as they grow into their best selves.

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Who are we?

Project IgniteHer is a social enterprise working to increase the number of Black women in STEM.

The idea began after Lauryn read ‘Taking Up Space’ [Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiyi] and loved it! She wished there was a version of it for Black women in STEM.

"I called a friend to talk about the book. She had read it as well and we were energised by how seen we felt. As women in STEM, we spoke about how we wished there was a manual for Black Women in STEM. When we were younger, we didn’t have role models, contacts or resources. We spent hours ranting about the need for support and that was the first time we discussed a social enterprise to get Black girls in STEM."
- Lauryn, Founder

They discussed specific truths about STEM - a historically white, male, and elite space in its own way - and talked about how they didn’t want Black women to continue to be excluded from the spaces of innovation and discovery; they wanted to create a space that supports and encourages the next generation of talented Black girls getting into STEM, so that they don’t miss out on these kinds of dreams.

They applied for the Clinton Global Initiative University 2020 and were accepted where, continuing to develop their idea, Project IgniteHer was born.

Why are we doing this?

There are not enough Black women in STEM at all levels. Not enough girls are in STEM classes at school; not enough young women are pursuing STEM degrees; not enough women are rising to the top of academia, research, and industry. All of this combines to exclude Black women from being involved in innovation and solving the world’s biggest challenges. It is a sad fact, and it has to change.

Project IgniteHer is a space created by Black women passionate about and involved in STEM. From their lived experiences, they know that Black women have specific challenges throughout their STEM journeys and they are creating a space for people to share learnings, celebrate wins, and build a supportive community to make that necessary change.

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