The Magic of Data Visualization: Some fun examples from Chartr

Written by
Lauryn Mwale
Last Updated
September 15, 2022 10:02

This is the unofficial follow up to the Choosing the Right Chart Cheat Sheet. I just had to share more about the power of data storytelling.

Data storytelling is the ability to effectively communicate insights from a dataset using narratives and visualisations. A lot of what you do academically and professionally in STEM fields will involve some degree of data storytelling and it is a key skill to prioritise developing. The two best ways to develop a skill is (1) get exposed to good examples and (2) practice, practice, practice. 

A great free data storytelling resource is the Chartr newsletter. Every other day, you’ll receive data insights on business, tech, entertainment and society. They are entertaining, insightful and will expose you to good examples of simple data visualizations done well. This is not an Ad. I am just a happy user. Sign up here 

Let’s get into the examples. 

Should I expect House of the Dragon to have the same impact?

Alicent, Daemon and Aemma are not bad...

Ever wondered how Disney makes its money?

Did you know that a skyscraper is at least 150m tall?

Our social media companies can definitely afford safety features

Don't forget that Facebook revenues include Instagram and WhatApp

Which team are you on?

As an iPhone user, I've been firmly anchored to Safari

Congratulations Ms Jeniffer Hudson on joining the club!

Special shoutout to Alan Menken, John Legend, Whoopi Goldberg, Audrey Hepburn and Rita Moreno

Apparently we only watch superhero movies

Vote with your cash and watch the kinds of movies you want to get made

I guess the debate has been settled......

the proof is in the data

The MCU might be one of the greatest investments ever

The average production cost of each film is $200 million.

Is it bad if I prefer Pepsi?

What piqued your curiosity the most?

These charts are simple and insightful. Great examples to add to your toolkit. Sign up for chartr for more examples and happy data visualising



Lauryn is the founder of Project Ignite Her.

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