Why a degree in STEM prepares you for a career in business

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Blossom Kafumbata
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August 8, 2021 19:35

Problem solving and logical thinking are some of the main skills that a STEM degree teaches and luckily, these are the same skills that are pivotal in the business world. When I used to think about the business world, l would get intimidated by the mere thought of the serious men and women l saw on TV with straight faces and sharp looking suits. The idea of wearing safety boots and helmets whilst surrounded by equally nerdy colleagues always appealed to me more; hence, l took up a degree in STEM and this is the work environment l thought my future self was going to be restricted to. It turns out that when a STEM degree is combined with business acumen, one will be equipped with invaluable skills that can set one apart in the job market.

With  a degree in STEM, one can easily integrate into the business world and many other sectors. Business skills are very impactful for scientists, whether they move into the business world or not. 

According to QS TopUniversities, the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) has accredited/or recognised 27 undergraduate engineering management programs within US institutions. This is to show how valuable it is for engineers or STEM degree holders to be knowledgeable about the business world whilst having technical savvy.

Let us look at some of the skills that STEM majors can bring to the conference table.

  • Market research and specialist knowledge of engineering management theories, methods, practices and strategy

The business department at a biotech company, for example, must scope out potential programs for the company. What sorts of projects are profitable now? But also – what projects are technologically feasible? By understanding the language of science, your STEM major will give you an edge as you research possibilities for the company to explore.

  • Client Relations

If your company is hired to do scientific research for others, the business department will also oversee client-company relations. Working out a contract (with scientifically reasonable expectations), keeping the client informed and effectively communicating any setbacks can be attributed to being able to make technical oral presentations and write technical and performance reports that are gained from a STEM degree. The strong communication and interpersonal skills obtained in doing group design projects in STEM do come in handy in this instance.

Some other key skills applicable in the business world include:

  • Ability to use software to construct and use simple mathematical models
  • Ability to coach, mentor, motivate and provide constructive feedback to technical professionals
  • Strong leadership, teamwork and project management skills
  • Analytical and quantitative skills, including ability to interpret data

These are all skills that will project you for success in the business world and many other sectors. So don’t stop dreaming and be more open to opportunities because a background in STEM sets you on a good footing.

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Blossom is the Content Manager and Cheif Editor for Project Ignite Her

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